• Every Sunday, Naknek Community Bible Chapel broadcasts its services via the Internet and telephone. Sunday morning service is at 11:00 AM.

    We view this not merely as a “come and watch”, but as a “come and connect” with our church family. We enjoy hearing and seeing our visitors from other villages, and you will have a chance to share during our prayer request time.


    CLICK HERE to launch the video conference.

    If you would prefer to connect by phone, call (currently unavailable).
    When prompted enter the conference code: (currently unavailable)


    See below for more detailed instructions:


    How do I connect with a computer?

    • High Speed Internet such as Bristol Bay DSL or GCI Fiber-optics. Satellite Internet, such as Hughesnet, Starband, or Exede, does not normally work well for audio/video conferencing. Those with Satellite Internet will likely have better success calling via a standard phone line.
    • An iPad, laptop, or desktop PC.
    • A webcam is highly recommended, but it is not required. This allows us to see you when you share prayer requests with us. But don’t worry, we leave your video off for the rest of the service.
    • If you would like to watch the service with family and friends, then you might consider hooking your computer to your TV with a HDMI cable.
    How to connect

    CLICK HERE to launch the video conference.

    If the link does not work, type¬†into your internet browser’s address bar. Please note, the first time you join our video conference, your browser will prompt you to install “Omnijoin”. You may see some security warnings and be prompted to accept the installation of the software. This software is safe to install and will not cost you anything.

    How do I connect with my land line or cell phone?

    All you need is a standard telephone or cell phone. A good speakerphone is helpful (especially for families and groups), but not required. Dial (currently unavailable). When prompted, enter the participant code: (currently unavailable). You can mute by pressing *6; to unmute press #6.


    For more information on participating in the video portion of the conference, please contact us.

    Other thoughts:

    • We are continuing to work on making this better. If you try once and experience technical difficulties, please do not be discouraged. Please let us know what problems you experience and keep trying.
    • If you dial in without using internet video, then please be sure to speak up and let us know you are listening in, otherwise we may not realize you are with us.
    • Logging in early, especially if this is your first time joining us, is highly recommended. This will give you time to take care of any unexpected technical problems. The first time you use the video conference program on your PC it will take several minutes to download. This download can be done at any time of the week, even if there is not a service in progress. Doing this ahead of time will eliminate many problems.
    • If you would like to try a “test run”, or have any further questions please contact us.